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Sunday, August 16th, 2009
10:40 am

Dear God. He has a beautiful feather by his eye; he's got a crucifix tattooed by his other eye. I'm quivering all over with arousal. I can't express how much I love this man.
Saturday, March 7th, 2009
3:35 pm
casting for metro station music video
hi, i am casting for a metro station music video for 'kelsey'.

i'm looking for fans 18 and up who live in the los angeles area who would be available march 15th, 16th, or 17th, as the shoot date is not locked yet.

the video is a masquerade ball, there are fun costumes, some people will be more featured than others but everyone will be used in the video. there is no pay but you will be fed and you can probably get a copy when the video is done, plus the band is usually around, you get to watch them perform the song a bunch of times. please be aware that video shoots are usually all day long and require a full day commitment.

please email gtcasting@gmail.com with your location, age, phone number, best email contact, and a photo of yourself (it can be a snapshot) if you are interested.

just in case you think this is a joke or a scam, the production company i'm working with is ghosttownmedia.com, they have produced several videos including 3 for metro station in the past and you are free to email to get more information as well, i cast everyone who was in 'control' and 'seventeen forever' also. thanks guys!


Friday, October 24th, 2008
2:36 pm
who is metro station taking on tour next year?
My friend’s friend’s sister is friends with someone at Metro Station’s record label and she said she knows who metro station are taking on tourCollapse )
Wednesday, July 30th, 2008
10:32 am
Metro Station and The Medic Droid
Metro Station kicks assss! Has anyone heard The Medic Droid? They have the same kind of sound. I found a free download of their song "Fer Sure". Check em out if you're a Metro Station fan..

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